EPICODE is One of the Top 30 Global EdTech Companies for 2022, According to HolonIQ

EPICODE is One of the Top 30 Global EdTech Companies for 2022, According to HolonIQ
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del 06/12/2022

The 2022 Global Education Outlook, HolonIQ’s annual analysis of global excellence on the tech education market, was published in November. EPICODE is the only Italian company among the top 30 of the STEAM cluster, represented by companies by working in the sector of tech education.

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EPICODE Among the Best Global Companies: the Only Italian on the Map for STEAM

The 2022 Global Education Outlook analysis by HolonIQ (a global leader in marketing intelligence), has just come out. Every year, the prestigious platform provides the most comprehensive analysis of the global education market, and contains over 170 pages of data, reflections on the past year, expectations and trends for the future and much more.

HolonIQ listed EPICODE as one of the best companies working in education and the only Italian in the STEAM cluster: an achievement that encourages us to continue our work in the workforce sector so as to overcome the digital gap between education and the world of work.

By 2025, governments, employers and consumers together will spend over 7 billion dollars per year on education and training. A result that also finds confirmation in Education Technology, a driving force of global economy set to reach approximately 300 billion dollars in 2022, growing at 16.4% CAGR to 404 billion dollars in 2025.

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The HolonIQ Rankings: EPICODE Among the Top EdTech Companies

The solutions supporting infrastructures for learning and the management of educational processes represent 20% of the 2022 Outlook, thanks to successful digital initiatives like EPICODE’s.

HolonIQ’s study offers a complete map of the 1000 best EdTech companies in the world and analyses the top 200 European ones. The annual analysis also defines thematic clusters, dividing companies by business type and geographical region. The result that jumps out is EPICODE’s presence as the only Italian startup listed among the top STEAM companies in 2022:

  • EPICODE is one of the 1000 best EdTech companies in the world
  • We’ve been selected as one of the 200 best European EdTech companies
  • Last but not least, EPICODE is also among the 30 best companies specialised in EdTech in the world and the only Italian company in the STEAM cluster

HolonIQ has included EPICODE in the cluster of STEAM-centred global startups that have decided to invest on online training, tackling the digital gap between education and work. We are in the company of K12 companies (WoWplay, Colori, Codary) and, in the workforce sector, of LeWagon, CareerFoundry, Qwant, Simplon and Codecool. The fields of Education Management, Knowledge & Content, Workforce and Skills have recorded a homogeneous circulation, totalling over 50% of the 2022 contingent.

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Investment Trends

In 2021, EdTech Venture Capital reached 3 times pre-pandemic investment levels, accelerating startups worldwide with over 20 billion dollars in funding: a record growth for the sector. Mergers and takeovers also increased exponentially, with 580 transactions that led to almost 40 billion dollars in takeovers.

“Being recognised as one of the top global EdTech companies by an influential source like HolonIQ makes us very proud,” says Marco Rosci, CMO and co-founder of EPICODE. “But the greatest satisfaction of all is our increasing influence on the lives of young people who choose us to help them change their future. This proves that education is the most effective tool to sustainably evolve and make progress as individuals, organisations and society itself.”

At least a quarter of the companies listed by HolonIQ were founded less than 3 years ago and have grown consistently over time. You can keep track of EPICODE and the data on the most promising European and global EdTech startups and follow their developments on the Marketing Intelligence platform.

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