How to Become a Programmer: a Guide to the Most In-Demand Job

How to Become a Programmer: a Guide to the Most In-Demand Job
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del 13/10/2022

Today, web developers are among the most in-demand figures on the job market, although unfortunately demand exceeds the offer. If you sense the endless opportunities this job has to offer, learn how to become a programmer and kick-start your career.


What Does a Web Developer Do?

or web developers create the codes that will subsequently be run by PCs, smartphones and any other technological device. By writing these instructions, computer programmers “give life” to websites, all kinds of apps, management portals and software, e-commerce sites, static web pages and much more.

Programming is their bread and butter, and it’s based on a series of parameters, rules, symbols and key words that make up programming languages, aka the means to communicate with computers. For example, you can program in Python, HTML, CSS or JavaScript, or else be a Java programmer. Programmers choose what language to use based on their goals and, of course, on their professional skills.


How to Become a Programmer

In order to become a programmer, you have to be eager to learn new things and curious about all things tech. The job of a web developer is constantly evolving, so a touch of curiosity will make it even more stimulating.

To make this career jump, you should choose a basic programming course, focusing on one of the best-known and in-demand programming languages like HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

  • L’HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) used for most of the websites you’re familiar with, is one of the most commonly used worldwide.

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) allows you to define HTML formatting, giving your site a specific style. Along with HTML, it’s a must for front-end web developers.

  • Javascript is used with HTML and CSS to generate dynamic web pages and add more complex actions.

  • PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a back-end programming open-source language used by lots of websites, including well-known ones like Wikipedia.

If you want to become a programmer, start with a basic web development course, practice as much as you can and consider getting ahead by signing up for an intensive coding bootcamp in the field you’re most interested in.

This will help you launch your career in an Epic fashion!

Programming Courses for Web Developers

There are currently several ways to approach the programming world. Epicode offers you the chance to venture into the digital world and start learning how to program seriously with the basic HTML and CSS programming course (100% free and online). No experience is required and you’ll learn the basics of programming and if it’s the right path for you in just 3 hours.

Afterwards, you can decide whether or not to enrol in a more in-depth computer programmer course and get serious.

If, on the other hand, you’re ready to start with a bang, then choose a complete programming course and become a Full-Stack Web Developer from scratch with our 100% online epic course. 70% practical work, real projects and you pay in 2 years, once you’ve been hired.

Job Opportunities: How Much do Programmers Earn?

The job market is desperately in need of web developers:

  • 100,000 vacant positions;
  • 65,000 available developers.

This means that you could choose from over 35,000 job offers every year (only in Italy). That’s right – you’ll have the upper hand, since there are still too few professionals in the tech field.

In 2022, entry-level developers in Italy earn between € 26,400 and € 40,000 per year as they increase their skills. An average programmer salary is around € 16.41 per hour, 6% higher than the average monthly wage.

If, as a beginner, a computer programmer earns a net salary of € 1,100-1,650, it’s easy to see that there’s an ongoing margin of growth in the sector.

Companies will seek you out to create industrial software, build and manage e-commerce sites, enter the gaming world or the public and research and analysis sectors, but also to get in touch with new start-ups that work with apps and websites. Not to mention the opportunity of starting a freelance career thanks to collaborations which – if you enjoy flexibility – will allow you to travel the world as a Digital Nomad.

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