How to Improve Your Work Station to Survive Returning to Work After Your Holidays

How to Improve Your Work Station to Survive Returning to Work After Your Holidays

Your work station is the key to concentration and a good mood. Together, let’s see how to improve it to ease the trauma of coming back to the office.

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Returning to work after a holiday is never easy, so why not try to improve your work station, making it more attractive and stimulating? Productivity and concentration increase when your surroundings aren’t sad or depressing.

Statistical data tell us that people work better in an organised, clean and colourful environment. Sometimes all you need is a few touches here and there to make your area more comfortable.

Five Golden Rules to Improve Your Work Space

1. Order and cleanliness help you work better

Order fosters peacefulness among employees, who manage to concentrate more and complete their tasks in a more productive fashion. The stress and anxiety of not finding things in a messy space should become distant memories (or nightmares). Take the time to tidy up your work area, with everything in its proper place.

Cleanliness should also not be underestimated, with all of us keeping our work stations clean and tidy – an excellent calling card for visiting clients, as well.

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2. A comfortable, personalised work station

An uncomfortable chair and a neutral environment make it even harder to spend hours sitting in front of a screen. Instead, choose ergonomic chairs and maybe a height-adjustable desk for a correct posture every day.

And how about personalising your work area with special decorations, photos, plants, accessories and items that relax you? You’ll feel more comfortable and work better!

3. Let in clean, natural light

Natural lighting and ventilation are key factors. Light is good for your mood and doesn’t strain your eyes, while stale air can cause headaches, reduce concentration and increase fatigue. Open your windows often for air flow and make sure you let in enough natural light.

Did you know that certain plants eliminate harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the air? Having plants around is also good for your mood. Here are some to choose from: Aloe Vera, Azalea, Ivy, Ficus, Sanseveria or Pothos.

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4. Choose the right colours

Depending on your job, colours can also make a difference by increasing concentration and creativity. Associated with feelings and emotions, they should be chosen carefully to create the right work environment.

A few options:

  • Blue to stimulate calmness, logic and concentration;
  • Yellow to boost confidence, creativity and optimism;
  • Bright green to promote restfulness and harmony and to reduce anxiety.
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5. Set up a break area

Last but definitely not least: every workplace should have a relaxation area where employees can unwind and recharge.

This break area could be equipped with a water cooler, coffeemaker and comfortable seats where you can recharge your batteries. Areas like this lend added value to the workplace and increase productivity because you have the chance to empty your mind and rest your eyes before getting back to work.

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We’ve come to the end of this guide, and hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on how to improve your work station even after returning from your holidays.

If that’s not enough, check out our mindfulness tips to get back on your feet after the holidays!

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