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You. Can. Do. It.

You. Can. Do. It.

At EPICODE we know how to change your life, and more than 5000 amazing Epicoders later we have proof. Here are their stories.



Eriseld Kosta

Full-Stack Developer at @Sisal

I cannot express myself how grateful I am to EPICODE. They was with me from the beginning to end, always ready and happy to assist me, and they gave me the opportunity to follow my dream

Marti Purull-Urrea

Full-Stack Developer

Life-changing experience. Extremely intense six months that give you the knowledge and practice you need to change your life and become a professional developer.

francesca barocchi
Francesca Barocchi

Developer at @EY

It has been a breathtaking and unique experience! I found out what I really love to do and I now have the chance to work on what I have studied. This makes me feel so rewarded!

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Matteo Gnoni

Front-end Developer @Capgemini

My greatest satisfaction has been to succeed in a field that I wasn’t experienced in and to build professional projects!

Jeff Ofoaro

Developer @U4I

Regardless of my master in Business, I am gainfully employed as a Full-stack developer thanks to EPICODE

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Oksana Shukh

Full-Stack Developer @Unicard

Now I can create cool web applications and share my skills and knowledge with others.


Figuring out if EPICODE is right for you? Let our Ambassadors guide you.

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Oksana Shukh

Full-Stack Developer at Unicard

Jeff Ofoaro

Junior Developer at U4I

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Ademuyiwa Otubusin

Full-Stack Mobile Developer at Orange Dentals Specialist

Viren Patil

Software Engineer at Viceversa

Raissa Kisseljova

Junior Front End Developer at Stakester

Stephanie's Epic Story

"I love the challenge of solving"
That's why Stephanie found our course so great. The idea of starting from zero to hero fit her need of learning something new every day. The community created with her colleagues and teachers was really important. It made her feel safe and encouraged her to ask questions and create connections. What better way to get to know EPICODE than to give the floor to our students?

Word to the Epicoders

Here’s what the talents who chose to reprogram their lives with EPICODE say about us.

Simon, Farshad & Sidath

Sweta & Harika

Future-proof your career!

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Olaf Glad
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I recently completed the Fullstack Developer course at Epicode, and it has been an empowering and fulfilling journey for my career in coding. Throughout the bootcamp, I encountered various challenges that pushed me to grow and excel in my skills. I also had the opportunity to connect with amazing individuals who made the experience even more enjoyable.
Paul Levitsky
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Before starting Epicode's Full-stack Web Dev course, I had a little coding experience. It was very helpful, just because it let me focus on high concepts, while some of our classmates were struggling with syntax. It is true that you can take the course with no prior coding knowledge. HOWEVER, it will require a lot of commitment on top of the already rigorous curriculum to keep up.
Catriona Ferguson
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I know it's a bit of a cliche to call these sorts of things life changing, but it really was. I graduated from University in a Computing related field, but never used my degree. I had studied the totally wrong thing, and ended up stuck in Hospitality related jobs. There was one thing that I enjoyed about my course- the module we had dedicated to programming.
Michael Redruello
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I needed an opportunity to find a new path in my life, and Epicode gave me one. I am proud of what I've become today and owe them for this. The teachers are experts and very kind, they helped me in every way they could have. The course is complete, and even if, it only prepares you for what will come in a real-world scenario, you will feel prepared!Il supporto post-corso, inoltre, è straordinario, aiutando gli studenti a lanciarsi con successo nel mondo del lavoro. Consigliatissimo per chi cerca una formazione solida e orientata al futuro nel campo dello sviluppo web.
Yan Xun Chang
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Attending Epicode was a decision that transformed my career in ways I never imagined. This full stack bootcamp exceeded my expectations with its comprehensive curriculum, outstanding instructors, and unparalleled support. The bootcamp also prioritized career readiness. The staff offered invaluable assistance with resume building, and job search strategies. I cannot overstate the transformative impact of Epicode. It equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the tech industry.
Mirko Sedda
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I started the international MERN bootcamo with Epicode november 2021 and graduated June 2022. In october 2022 i got 2 job offers, one full time position in the office in Milan and another one full time remotely. If you are on the fence about joining and coding interest you, do yourself a gift and just get in touch with the admission team and dive deep in this journey.
Paul Murray
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The course content and layout was perfect, with each topic perfectly setting you up for the next. With classes in the morning and coursework to complete in the afternoon you had plenty of support to help you in your journey, by the end of the course I expected to know the basics, yet my abilities have far surpassed that! I now have successfully gained a position as a Graduate Software Developer and I am so grateful for the whole team at Epicode.
Ana Matei
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Super intense 5 months that opened so many opportunities for my future. I got a job in almost 1 month after my graduation day!! You will experience some really stressful periods, but at the same time rewarding ones. You will connect with amazing colleagues and tutors. If you truly want to change your life, you need this bootcamp.


EPICODE courses are among the most awarded and beloved in Europe.

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