The 10 Must-Have Tools to Work as a Digital Nomad

The 10 Must-Have Tools to Work as a Digital Nomad
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del 18/10/2022

The Digital Nomad experience can be super exciting. For a few months, you can move your virtual office wherever you like and organise your life so as to work from anywhere in the world. So what are the must-have tools you should take with you?

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At Epicode, several members have been working as Digital Nomads around the world for years, so we’ve asked them to come up with the 10 must-have tech accessories for Digital Nomads whose goal is to stay connected while working and travelling. Digital Nomads are a new generation of professionals driven by a desire for freedom and mobility. There are a host of gadgets and the latest communications technologies to aid them in their enterprise; the main thing is to know which ones work for you.

Take notes!

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The 10 Must-Have Tools to Live and Work as a Digital Nomad

1. Notebook 

The basics first: your pc! It will be your new best friend, so make sure to choose a model that’s powerful and practical, versatile and lightweight. If you work in graphic or any type of design, video performance and screen size are key features; otherwise, opt for data storage and fast performances.

Based on your job as a Digital Nomad, you might also want to add a portable USB monitor to work more easily or a tablet to use as a second monitor for meetings or to keep things under control as you’re programming.

2. Smartphone

It goes without saying: smartphones are “the black boxes of our lives”, to quote the Italian film “Perfect Strangers”, directed by Paolo Genovese. Especially if you embrace Digital Nomadism and need to be connected available 24/7 and no matter where you are.

Choose your favourite model, although we recommend a Dual SIM model so you can keep your number and add a local SIM, which will be convenient for data and to keep in touch with the other professionals you’ll meet along the way.

3. Backpack

What do you think of this backpack with integrated solar panel? Its fun design allows you to recharge any USB device (earphones, laptop, smartphone, camera, tables, smartwatch and much more) thanks to sunlight. A safe and practical ally to ensure you never lose power!

4. Headphones

Headphones are among the most important gadgets you’ll carry around the world with you. Better avoid Bluetooth models so as not to get disconnected during a work call or annoy the other people on the other side of the screen with background noise.

So purchase a headphone model like this, complete with cable and earpiece. The Noise-Cancelling function helps you isolate when you need concentration.

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5. USB Hub Adapter

Organise your devices to boost your work by linking them together via a USB-C hub. This way, as you work, you can recharge your smartphone, connect your external hard drive, power supplier and even your HDMI devices, keeping your desk tidy at all times.

6. Internet Connection

Internet will be your lifeline. If you’re thinking of a modem, here’s our pick, although our Digital Nomads say that the best thing is to look for a house or hotel with stable, fast cable internet access and to bring a SIM with unlimited data so as to have a Plan B wherever you are.

In some countries, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection will be very useful, as this type of private network allows you to surf online with no problems or restrictions.

Furthermore, a VPN keeps your internet activity from prying eyes and hides your IP address even on public Wi-Fi networks. Another useful aspect is the ability to overcome regional restrictions for certain sites. There are free or paid VPN services; choose the best option depending on your needs and the country you plan on working in.

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7. Data Backup

When you’re away from home, periodically backing up your data is necessary to avoid losing it. We recommend choosing a free or paid Cloud plan once you’ve seen how much storage space you actually need.

If you have room in your suitcase, we also recommend packing a portable external hard drive, but having all your important data directly online, thus avoiding unnecessary weight, is the best option.

8. Power Bank

You can’t risk your notebook battery dying when you work outside the home for long periods; that’s why you should always have a power bank like this powerful and versatile model to charge your smartphone, camera and everything you need to work outside the home. There are also some solar power models, but a classic power bank will never let you down.

9. Mouse: Yes or No?

It depends on your job, but based on our experience, Digital Nomads rarely need a mouse.

If you’re a graphic designer, your best friend will be a touch pen to use directly on your drawing or graphic tablet. If you work in marketing or web development, you can do everything with your notebook’s integrated touchpad rather than a mouse.

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10. Waterproof cases for your devices

Your PC and smartphone are your main work tools, so you can’t risk spilling coffee on them during your break. Before leaving, purchase a waterproof smartphone cover like this and do the same to protect your notebook with a light, slim case like this to carry everywhere with you.

Almost ready!

Once you’ve mentally organised your Digital Nomad suitcase, don’t forget to take care of all your paperwork (like the Digital Nomad Visa that allows you to live in the country you’ve chosen), activate an ATM-friendly bank account and take out a health insurance policy, especially when outside the EU area.

And now you’re ready to set off on your new adventures!

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