The Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in 2022

The Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in 2022
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del 13/10/2022

As it constantly evolves and changes, technology also changes the job market. This year, the digital sector has continued to offer the most opportunities, with an increasing number of specialisations as top choices.

The disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic permanently marked 2020 in the tech field, as companies had to rush to redefine priorities, goals and technological strategies so as to work remotely and optimise their processes. Finding the human resources required, however, didn’t always prove simple.

Just in Italy, the facts speak for themselves. The data from the first semester of 2021 published by the Osservatorio delle Competenze Digitali clearly shows that out of over 106 thousand ICT positions available in our country, about 30 thousand remain vacant.

The top rankings for new, best-paid and most in-demand ICT positions include: programmer, expert in Cloud Computing, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Solution Designer, Data Scientist and Information Security Manager. Figures such as Account Manager, Network Specialist, Systems Administrator, Expert in Digital Transformation e Service Support are also high on the list.

In the last few years, the digital revolution has fostered the rise and endorsement of a variety of professions specialised in tech areas. Today, these figures offer lots of opportunities, especially for young people in search of their first jobs. Choosing the digital sector now means a wide range of enticing prospects, although these jobs often stay vacant because universities aren’t able to offer proper training.

In other words, hi-tech is the driving force behind the job market in Europe. Let’s take a look at the most sought-after positions so as to map out a list of the most in-demand profiles.

The Most In-Demand Profiles in 2022

The most in-demand include:

  • Data Analyst

    They analyse and study raw data collected from users during navigation and develop strategic information for business decisions, writing clear reports to help clients use information consciously and detecting key trends and information. The average salary for this professional figure is around 2 thousand euro per month.
  • Data Scientist

    We all work with hundreds of data every day. From social media to the videos we watch on YouTube, from Google Maps to banking and phone data. And for a company, this content is even greater. That’s why companies need someone to manage heir content. Today, Data Scientists are key figures on the job market because no company can do without analysing all the data available to them.
  • Cloud Architect

    Cloud architects design and build scalable and resilient cloud environments that are easily adaptable and are thus able to change depending on a company’s needs.

Regarding the increased demand for cloud solutions, Computer Weekly reports that 82% of global IT leaders have increased their cloud usage following the COVID-19 emergency. Nowadays, companies must continue to ensure the optimum conditions and strength of these systems over time. Demand in the cloud sector is constantly increasing, despite the currently limited offer.

  • Cyber Security Manager

    Do you know what we’re talking about? Cyber security, as the word itself says, includes all possible defence mechanisms to protect electronic systems from hackers. Sort of like an attack on a fortress, with devices, systems, servers and networks being hit instead of a castle, and data as the treasure to be protected. Data represent the most inviting trade goods for hackers and the Achilles heel for private individuals and companies. Several types of computer attacks have been created to steal them.

Today, a Cyber Security Manager can earn around 50 thousand euro per year. The challenge is filling all the new vacant spots. The estimate is that a further 3.1 million professionals will be needed every year to close the global gap in computer security talents.

  • Web Developer

    Today, programmers are key figures in the computer world because they develop all web applications and websites. More in detail, Web Developers are experts in programming languages that can create the structure – or skeleton – allowing a website to function. This is definitely one of the most in-demand figures in Europe; no company can do without them. A programmer’s salary starts from 1,500 euro per month and can go up to 3,000 and more.

New Professions = New Skills

All these “new” professional figures we’ve just presented are already consolidated within any company org chart. The innovation of production, communication and organisational models requires the presence of tech experts.

The offer, however, is not yet able to satisfy the job market requirements, despite extremely favourable financial expectations. Furthermore, all these jobs can be performed without time or space constraints. Lots of Epicoders were able to sign a fully-remote contract at the end of their course, while several others chose to join a company as employees or freelancers.

Job Vacancies in Europe: Make Your Dreams Come True

According to Eurostat data, there are 3.8 million vacant job spots in Europe (+27% compared to 2016), yet companies are struggling to find ideal candidates. The only way to deal with this paradox is to choose an all-round education geared towards the digital world and the job market.

Among the countries (in addition to Italy) struggling to find employees: Germany, with 1.2 million vacant spots, followed by Great Britain, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Sweden and Hungary.

Epicode meets this demand with customisable 6-month remote training courses specializing in cloud computing, cyber security, Power BI, mobile, backend, frontend, salesforce, AI and data science. And you don’t pay until you’re hired.

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