What Is Python and What’s It For?

What Is Python and What’s It For?
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Python (Programming Language)

Python was designed in 1989 by Dutch programmer Guido Van Rossum and first released in 1991. The name Python is a tribute to the comedy group Monty Python, of whom Van Rossum was a huge fan.

One of the most common programming languages worldwide, Python is greatly in-demand among developers for its simplicity and clean, straightforward syntax.

Table of Contents

  1. Python: Advantages
  2. Python: What’s It For?
  3. Python: Who Uses It?

Python: Advantages

Python is a cross-platform, object-oriented and interpreted language, so called because the source code can be performed by all the platforms via the installation of an interpreter.

In addition to being open source, Python is a high-level language, powerful yet easy to use and to implement.

Intuitive and easy to read thanks to its simple syntax, Python is suitable for beginners in the field of programming languages. Although Python is an interpreted language, the source code isn’t converted directly into machine code; instead, it goes through a pre-compilation bytecode stage. This way, the source code doesn’t need to be reinterpreted each time, and performances are enhanced.

Bytecode, an intermediate language between machine language and programming language, is used to describe the operations that make up a program.

Furthermore, Python programs can be distributed directly in bytecode, skipping the final user’s interpretation stage and obtaining closed-source Python programs.

Python: What’s It For?

Python is an extremely versatile programming language, which makes it usable in several fields, from the creation of websites and apps to video game development.

It can be used to create graphical interfaces, as it is characterised by several frameworks for the development of GUI, which were designed to enhance the UX interfaces meant for the users.

There are several Python-based frameworks like Django, which provides tools to design websites and apps, as well as Flask (a micro framework that accelerates the creation of websites) and Web2py, which is also very easy to use. These aren’t the only frameworks for website development; several others are available directly on the official Python website.

Python is also used to create video games. We are referring to Pygame, a set of open-source modules designed for writing video games in a simple, quick and intuitive way.

For the development of scientific apps, SciPy is equipped with an ecosystem of tools for mathematics, engineering and science.

Python: Who Uses It?

Python is one of the most commonly-used programming languages for apps and websites. This language is also used by renowned brands for the development of services and control systems.

Even NASA uses Python to develop services for its control systems. Therefore a computer programmer with a vast knowledge of Python (and the required certifications) can easily enter and advance in the job market.

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